Research Round Table: Prevention of Meningococcal Infection in Canada

CAIRE and the Meningitis Foundation of Canada hosted a Research Round Table on April 3rd, 2014. The webcast was recorded which provides an opportunity for individuals from all over Canada to watch and participate. Speakers presented on the global lessons learned from Meningococcal C vaccine programs and factors for decision-makers to consider for the implementation of Meningococcal B vaccine programs, the epidemiology, safety surveillance capacity, vaccine acceptance issues and economic modelling related to Meningococcal disease in Canada. Speakers and participants identified research priorities prior, during and after the presentations. Analysis and presentation of the results of these ranked research priorities have yet to be distributed and/or published.


Watch portions of the webcast that interest you:

In addition, Dr. Andrew Pollard presented a second talk on Meningococcal Disease on Friday, April 4, 2014 at the BC Children’s Hospital Grand Rounds.  Click here, to view this talk